Hey there sweet thing, I'm the bartender of a humble little watering hole in Ponyville. I live in a little apartment above the bar with my brother Micah, but we're both from Canterlot. You can ask him stuff too if you want! So, what can I do ya for? ❤

((Please note that most of the backgrounds in my updates are not mine, I simply edit them but the original photos belong to their respective owners!))
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"Nice try Micah! I’m not actually a ginger! My natural hair colour is really plain…"

kitty: hopefully im not to late to the party ;P

GOSH THIS IS ADORABLE OMFG BABE THANK YOU. No you’re not too late, I’m just late in posting my submissions ehehe. THANK YOU SO MUCH this is gorgeous oh my goodness <3

Hey, you can’t be a magical girl without a cheesy cliche villainess to face off against, right?

I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself…

Hurr and for some reason the villainness always has the most massive boobs ever too! :3

Sweet! I love card collecting!


Mimie doesn’t like to be ignored! Response to thissss :3



I’ve been wanting to draw a Mean Girls kinda thing for ages now but Mimie doesn’t really have any bitchy BFFs… So I’m gonna hold an art contest!

What you have to do:

  • Draw your OC dressed in/doing/saying something Mean Girls-ish! You can make up something on your own or use a scene from the movie.
  • Bonus points: In the caption, say why your OC would make a great Mean Girl!
  • Bonus points if you include Mimie, but you don’t have to :3
  • Then post it on your blog, link back to this post and tag it with mimiesplastics or message me to let me know!


  • There will be two winners!
  • I’ll draw both winners in the unfinished picture up there and it will be fully coloured and shaded like everything else on my blog.
  • If Mimie really likes your OC they might even become BFFs canon to her blog and show up in Mimie’s future updates! YAY FRIENDS!
  • To keep it fair, one winner will be judged based on skill level and another winner will be based on how appealing I find your OC.

The contest ends in a week (Monday, 31st March). Can’t wait to see your entries!

Need a Mean Girls refresher? Here’s the link to watch it online!


BOTH ARE FINE although I haven’t seen the second one :3


Ok, so Mimie (askmimieponi, can’t do links cuz computer is derp) wanted everybody to draw their OCs as a Magical Girl, since I’ve never seen it I looked up refs and ended up just doing Alte Seele (living) as Sailor Mars. XD I’ve always had a lady crush on her (shhh, it’s a secret)

EEHHH YOU DID IT! Haha I’ve never seen any animes either but I had to do it :’3  I LOVE THIS I LOVE THE SPARKLEZ

I-I think something went horribly wrong here. didn’t know boys could become magical girls

ANYONE CAN BE A MAGICAL GIRL! IF YOU BELIEVE. and if you have enough sparkles desu~

Commission List~
  • Luna/Celly NSFW page 2
  • Luna/Celly NSFW page 3
  • RogRog pinup
  • Saharra pinup

*magical girl transformation music plays in the distance everyone has to draw their oc as a magical girl now*

Pfft, don’t be a dummy butt Ducky! Clothes… At a Mimie and Buzzy wedding… Ha… Haha…


((The next part of the little gimmick I got going on with askmimieponi))

Hhhhhhhh excellent art as always!!! thank you so much for taking the time to draw with me babe seriously it means a lot :’3 WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT OOOOOHH *fans self*


Heres a major thank you to Mimie (Has NSFW art) for following a very small (and I believe untalented) blog such as mine. I literally woke up one morning and saw the notification that she was following me and I instantly hid my face cause I was blushing so hard. I love her blog completely and it’s such an honor to me, to have her following me. and again, thank you so so much!


Background: Cosmic (WARNING: IS MAJORLY NSFW)

Everything else (meaning the pony and everything on her as well as the body shine): Me

Oh my gosh babe SHHHH your art is adorable and you’re so super sweet I don’t know why you don’t have more followers but you SHOULD! GAH no you’re gonna make me start blushing ahhh omg jflasdk jusT THANK YOU FOR THIS you lovely precious thing you! <3 <3 <3